Mel Ezer

Hello I am a third generation I focus on Soulmates twin flames past life future career business animal psychics and a lot more so if you want to know what is waiting for you please contact me today.

 About me

I use clairvoyance abilities spirit guides healing please make sure that you are ready to hear the truth please contact me today let me bring a change in your life.


I am a third generation I have been giving readings all around the world more than  5 years. I connect with my third Eye into the spiritual divination when you start talking with me you can feel the comfort because I give warm energy to my clients. Being a spiritual reader I understand everything there that you ask nothing there is silly nothing there is not understanding.

 Other gifts

Born god Gifted. Talented psychic with powerful gifts. Predictions happend.  Timeframe specialist spiritual healer and remote viewing energy I have got.


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Lauryn5/27/2020, 5:01 AM
Lauryn5/20/2020, 5:21 AM
fatima4/7/2020, 8:15 AM

thank so much mel sorry we cut off i ran out of fund xx

pame10/27/2019, 2:46 PM
Sally10/15/2019, 4:10 PM
Vera9/18/2019, 7:11 PM

Thank you for you time & thank you for the reading! And making my hopes up God bless you

fatima6/12/2019, 5:20 AM

sorry Mel ezer we cut off but thank you so much for this great reading it was really positive i will come back